Feeding Lambs


  • His Church Summer Lake Proposal
  • Kingdom government symposium
  • Freeing yourself from the Technology Trap
  • Open Source and the kingdom of Wiki
  • Open Source and creating your own WordPress Website
  • Tour of Desert Springs Trout Farm
  • Raising Sheep
  • Knot Tying and wilderness skills
  • Homestead Dairy cow
  • Astronomy 101
  • Yurt Building 101
  • Farm machinery 101
  • Health revelations
    • Making Water Kefir
    • Essential Oils – in the Bible
    • Essential Oils – Quality
    • Essential Oils – The Secret of Thieves
    • Essential Oils – Raindrop Technique
    • Earthing/Grounding
    • presentations¬†?
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You can help us get started

Some things we need:

Music and entertainment… all types and varieties

  • sing along
  • bands
  • minstrels
  • Acappella, choir, barber shop quartet… etc

Demonstrations of skill, courses

  • everything form knot tying to knife sharpening
  • cooking to canning
  • Spinning and weaving
  • Shearing to milking
  • knife throwing to archery
  • Farm butchering – Meat
  • You tell me???? What do you want to share, say, sell

Trading post… whim, widgets and wares

  • seeds
  • art
  • homemade items
  • Essential oils
  • books
  • foods

There is enough space to set up different sections, events.

Even if you do not make it there any help you offer now will help us get things going.