• Humidity is usually rather low. This is high desert.
  • The fall can produce wide swings in temperature for short periods.
  • It can get cold but only if a weather front comes through. One year it got below freezing one night.
  • We often have hot days and cool nights. 40 degrees but seldom more than 80 and only in the hottest part of the day with a breeze in the evening.
  • Layers of clothes  is often the way to go because you can add a layer if it gets cold and take one off if it gets warm.
  • Very sunny. This is hat country and at 4000 feet people can sunburn here.
  • It is often breezy. With some real winds from time to time.
  • People should try to bring a tent or shelter that suit them or make arrangements to bunk with others. We will try to have extra tents set up like yurts.
  • We will be setting up a kitchen area to prepare food and everyone pitches in to fix what is available.
  • We will have propane burners for cooking and boiling water for tea, etc.
  • Barbeque grills and wood stoves.
  • We will also have some pots and cast iron pans too. Serving dishes etc.
  • We will have a place to put coolers and store some food in a 14×14 storage building.
  • We hope to be building more and more things and supplies to accommodate more and more people in the future.
  • It would be good if people bring their own drinking mugs and cups along with eating utensils and plates, bowls  or paper plates.
  • We will try to set up a common washing area in several places. 
  • Everyone should come with food that they can eat for themselves including special diet items.
  • But what takes place is often more like a big pot luck. And Sharing
  •  People can bring things to share and add to the mix.
  • They bring something they can share at each meal: coffee, teas, fruits, vegetables, things they like but can add to the pot.
  • We will have lots of home grown hamburger to share and potatoes from the garden etc.
  • The people who come also bring a variety of talents. Some are good cooks, some would rather just do clean up.
It is a time where people wait on each other, serve each other, try to help each other and have a good time doing it.
While we expect this year’s group that is showing up this time will be one of the best, we also know that this is an adventure.
We will do everything we can to make it a pleasant experience but it will also bring challenges.
There is lots of work to be done now to prepare, not only for this event and year but for those to come.
Not only for ourselves but for others.
We will undoubtedly be short some things but part of the purpose is to get out of our comfort zones and expand our view of possibilities, Practice team work through fellowship.